The Portfolio of Jóhannes G. Þorsteinsson

A programmer, game developer, sound designer and a musician in north Iceland. Makes noises & games. The man behind Kollafoss Game Farm and the annual Isolation Jam.


28 Aug 2011

![](/assets/images/blog/2011-08-28_01.jpg “”)

As I worked my way through the archives of my old photographs, looking for some landscape imagery for a friend’s painting project, I stumbled upon many abandoned photographs I had forgotten about. The story’s and memories behind them had started fading out, in my mind they had turned mostly into nothing else than a mere abstract compositions. This one I picked out is one of those, although I do remember it was taken during my trip to a small village, Hofsós, in north Iceland.

Interesting how you see the photographs in a new light once their history has faded out.