Photograph by Filip Eriksson, 2014

A sound designer, game developer, musician, and all around tech obsessionist based in north Iceland. Makes noises & games. Hosts game developers at the Kollafoss Gamedev Residency and the yearly Isolation Game Jam.

Current Projects

Founder of Kollafoss Gamedev Residency 2015 - ...
Art residency for Game developers, located on the farm Kollafoss in North West Iceland.

Founder of Þ Kollektiv 2015 - ...
Þ Kollektiv is a multimedia art collective and a label operating from Húnaþing Vestra, North Western Iceland. Founded in 2015, Þ embraces the ugly, the noisy, and the misfits of the art world.

void Ziz(); 2008 - ...
Ongoing one man audial exploration project, previously known as Ziz.

Founder of Leikjasamsuðan 2014 - ...
Organization of independant game developers in Iceland; Founder.

Events & Workshops

2016 Isolation Game Jam The third installation of the yearly Isolation Game Jam.

2016 Programming in Processing Workshop for Kids Taught a 4 day workshop in Processing programming at the elementary school of Húnaþing vestra.

2016 Global Game Jam @ Kollafoss Hosted a jam site at Kollafoss for Global Game Jam 2016.

2015 Isolation Game Jam The second Isolation Game Jam hosted in May 2015. Brought forth participants from all over the world.

"Go live your best life and make wonderful things in a beautiful, remote place with other people who love games. Remember, the lambs are waiting for you, and try as they might they cannot pet themselves" - Boingboing

"Unlike other game jams, at the heart of the Isolation Game Jam is absorbing the stretches of land beginning at your feet and spreading across the volcanic rocks, up to the highlands, and sinking into the cold coast. It's from this barren topography that you draw your inspiration" - Killscreen

2014 Open Game Jam at Eldur í Húnaþingi
4 hour game jam hosted in July 2014 at the town festival, Eldur í Húnaþing, where people attending the festival could watch the creation of games.

2014 Isolation Game Jam
Game jam hosted in April 2014, in the countryside of Vesturárdalur, Miðfjörður, North West Iceland. Brought forth participants from 6 countries.

2013 Game Development Workshop for Kids at Eldur í Húnaþingi A short workshop introducing kids to game development with MIT's Scratch.


2010 University of Skövde
Bachelor of Arts with a major in Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration.
(Computer Game Development - Sound/Music)

2006 Verkmenntaskólinn á Akureyri
Visual arts

Nominations & Awards

2011 Hero Battle Arena
Nominated for the best game of the year 2011 at the Swedish Game Awards. (Lead sound designer)


2016 Lifandi á Raflost 2016​-​05​-​26, by void Ziz(); Live performance at Mengi, Reykjavík in May 2016.

2016 Fyrirsátursflói, by K. Fenrir & void Ziz(); Collaboration release between K. Fenrir & void Ziz(); to celebrate Netlabel Day 2016.

2015 Þ3 Netlabel Day 2015, by Þ Kollektiv Mastering, composition, and publishing.

2015 Þ1, by Þ Kollektiv Mastering, composition, and publishing.

2015 Longing for the Deep, by K. Fenrir
Mastering and publishing.

2014 K. Fenrir, by K. Fenrir

2013 Rúnatal from Totality of Death, by Trepaneringsritualen

2013 Jóhannes G. Þorsteinsson & K. H. Bergendahl - Sittning Tretton
Self-released digitally.

2012 void Ziz(); - Óhljóð, Tilraunir & Munaðarleysingjar
Collection of sketches, ideas, abandoned ideas, and forgotten songs. Self-released digitally.

2012 void Ziz(); - Sjö
Remastered version (thanks to Bryan W Bray) of the previously self released cassette Sjö which was limited to only 7 copies. This new release made possibly by Merz Tapes is accompanied with a beautiful screen printed vellum paper J-card which features a collage design by Kevin G. Yuen, made from various paintings by yours truly. Along with Icelandic liner notes by myself and english notes by Jonathan G. Irons. A writer I hold great respect for. Merz Tapes MT05, C27 Cassette.

2011 void Ziz(); - Susannah's Soundtrack
Soundscapes, recorded around 2008/2009 for an interactive (video game) project that went by the name "Susannah". An experiment in how far one could go by stripping the elements of a video game down to its bare essentials of mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics, while in the meantime, showcasing the importance and the purpose of audial elements in interactive entertainment. Self-released digitally.

2010 void Ziz(); - Spirals
Composed/summoned during the first two quarters of 2010 with field recordings and guitars playing the lead role in the whole composition. An ode to the youth, the family, the farm, the highlands and the life we feed on. An ode saturated by an unexpected paranoia. An ode gone wrong... Self-released, 50 black CD-R's in handmade felted wool pouches.

2009 Fermentæ / void Ziz(); - Midwinter Sessions '08
Four tracks, over 60 minutes of dark-ambient dronescapes, spectral riffing and eerie field-recordings; compiled, captured and composed by Kevin Gan. Yuen (FERMENTÆ) and Jóhannes G. Þorsteinsson (void Ziz();). VS Editions 5.0, 50 black CD-R's.


2016 Tractor Egg Tractor Egg is a 2 - 4 player game about picking up tractor eggs with your tractor, and throwing it in between your cairns. Can be played in teams or free for all. (Sound designer)

2015 Volodka
A game of stealth and speed for two people, iOS/Android Game (Sound designer)

2013 Фùþç
Exile 2013 game jam entry. Restore, Destroy, Glitch (Game designer)

2013 S
Experimental experience about sounds, cubes, and nothingness. (Art, game & sound designer)

2013 Karlsborg Fästning
A different virtual/augmented reality game collaboration project between Skövde university & the Karlsborg fortress. Various sounds on site designed, remixed, and mastered by yours truly. (Sound designer)

2011 Hero Battle Arena
HBA is a local, multi-player, action game adorned with 16-bit, retro-style graphics, for the XBOX 360 platform. As the name suggests, it's a fast-paced, battle arena game where up to 4-players may choose between four different heroes (each with their own unique special attacks and play-styles) and duke it out in various game modes, from versus and co-op, to Zombie War (a wave based zombie survival mode). Nominated for the best game of the year 2011 at the Swedish Game Awards. (Lead sound designer)

2009 Susannah
For Windows/OSX (and Linux if you want to jump through a couple of hoops). An experiment in how far one can go by stripping the elements of a video game down to its bare essentials of mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics, while in the meantime, showcasing the importance and the purpose of audial elements in interactive entertainment. (Art, game & sound design)


2012 Circle of Eyes S/T LP
(Inlet Photograph), Anti-Matter Records

2012 Black Horizon's BH-50 Provocative Rituals Art Zine
(Photographs), Black Horizons

2012 Terence Hannum - Burning Impurities Cassette
(Cover Photograph), Beläten


2016 Handbendi Brúðuleikhús Logo

2012 Eldur í Húnaþingi Festival 2012 Brochure

2011 Eldur í Húnaþingi Festival 2011 Brochure

2010 Eldur í Húnaþingi Festival 2010 Brochure

2010 Útvarp Hvammstangi Logo

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