The Portfolio of Jóhannes G. Þorsteinsson

A programmer, game developer, sound designer and a musician in north Iceland. Makes noises & games. The man behind Kollafoss Game Farm and the annual Isolation Jam.

void Ziz(); - Sjö


Remastered version (thanks to Bryan W Bray) of the previously self released cassette Sjö (2010) which was limited to only 7 copies. This new release made possibly by Merz Tapes is accompanied with a beautiful screen printed vellum paper J-card which features a collage design by Kevin G. Yuen, made from various paintings by yours truly. Along with Icelandic liner notes by myself and english notes by Jonathan G. Irons. A writer I hold great respect for. Merz Tapes MT05, C27 Cassette.

Seven sketches, conceived, composed and recorded with the limitation of one song per day. An experiment to get back into recording after quite a trying move to another country.

Original release featured a physical cassette with hand-painted paper sleeve (each sleeve being unique) made in a Limited run of 7 copies.