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A programmer, game developer, sound designer and a musician in north Iceland. Makes noises & games. The man behind Kollafoss Game Farm and the annual Isolation Jam.

Zweite Tafelmusik by Lärmschutz


Published Zweite Tafelmusik by Lärmschutz on behalf of Þ Kollektiv.

In september 2016 Lärmschutz released the first part of their ongoing series ‘Tafelmusik’ on Weakiediscs. In this serie Lärmschutz takes basso continuo parts of music pieces from the Barok-era and make their own improvisations around these themes. Now it’s already time for the second installment. Lärmschutz invited old friends (the guys from Römertopf) and new ones (welcome Carla and Nils).

Once again these recordings are unedited. They are exactly what was played on that hot evening in october. Every piece was played one time, and one time only. The way they are presented here is unique and will never be the same again. credits released February 1, 2017

Thanos Fotiadis – Guitar
Rutger van Driel – Trombone

Ab Bol – Double bass
Jan van Wessel – Electronics

Carla Genchi - Vocals
Nils Breunese – Cello

Artwork by Þórgunnur Þórsdóttir